Webinar: 15 Jan, 2021 pm

Speedup in planning & transport policies, infrastructure development & supportive measures are needed to allow next generation vehicles running on our street.

Today, a moderate private car has 20-40 sensors and micro-processors. Future cars are all Connected Vehicles worldwide and Autonomous Vehicles will greatly re-shape the future of mobility.

Petrol Filling Station cannot cater for the needs of hydrogen car nor electric car, traditional map or 3D model cannot cater for the eyes (Lidar) of autonomous car, traffic light cannot talk to car but driver only, there is no “Traffic ticket system” for flying car….

New policies in planning, transport, infrastructure provision is a must for mobility in future city.

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Webinar on Autonomous Driving & Connected Mobility


15 Jan, 2021, 1430-1740 (HK Time)

Presentation: English, Chinese (some English subtitle for Chinese presenter)

Topics (主題):-

  • Opening Remark 開幕致詞
  • Trend of Autonomous Driving and Connected Transit Services in APAC
  • 亚太无人驾驶及出行服务发展机遇
    • Stanley Ng, President, CEO – MapKing
    • 吳永輝, 本會會長, MapKing CEO
  • Driverless Bus Business Trend in Public Transit
  • 公共交通领域无人驾驶巴士商业化
    • James Wang, Founder & Scholar, Shared Mobility Lab, Chongqing Jiaotong University, China
    • 王健  重庆交通大学共享出行实验室 创建人,学者
  • Development of Autonomous Driving & Connected Vehicles in Hong Kong
  • 无人驾驶及智能网联汽车在的香港发展
    • Rick Mo, BD Lead, APAS, Hong Kong Productivity Council
    • 莫天德 香港汽车零部件研发中心業務拓展主管
  • Blockchain: Introduce MOBI and Blockchain in urban mobility
  • 区块链: 介绍MOBI, 区块链改变城市出行
    • Robin Pilling, Technical Lead, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative
  • Efforts and the latest development methods of Japan in the development of Autonomous driving
  • 日本在自动驾驶开发方面的努力与最新发展方法
    • Kenichi Wakimoto, CEO, KAISEI CO., LTD
  • Driverless car travel with 5G AI technology
  • 无人驾驶汽车出行借力5GAI技术发展
    • 任學鋒  华砺智行 Co-Founder/ VP
  • Autonomous Driving Future and Business Model
  • 自动驾驶的未来及商业模式
    • 王禹平Roy Wang IHS Markit 中国汽车供应链与汽车技术预测,自动驾驶,首席分析师
  • Network security and data management of driverless vehicle
  • 无人驾驶汽车下网络安全与数据治理
    • 陈立彤 大成律师事务所高级合伙人、国际风险与合规学院创立者、曾任福特汽车公司的亚太合规总监
  • Research on policies, regulations and technical difficulties of driverless vehicle industry
  • 无人驾驶汽车行业政策法规和技术难点的研究
    • 王羽  主任 智能网联与自动驾驶研究中心、全国汽车行业生产力促进中心
  • End Remark, Q&A – Planning, Infrastructure and Supportive Policies
  • 展望及回應 – 規劃基建及政策調整
    • Dr Hung Wing Tat, Chairperson, Hong Kong Taxi Council, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
    • 熊永達博士 香港的士業議會主席, 香港理工大學

Conditions :

  1. The topics and speakers are provisional and subject to change. 主辦方保留改動講者及主題之權利。
  2. Language: English and Chinese Mandarin. Chinese Subtitle for English speaking presenter. 英語或普通話,會為英語講者提供簡單中文字幕.
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  5. Zoom or equivalent webinar tool. Audient to make sure your internet connection. 採用 Zoom 或類似網絡工具,參加者請自行安排你的互聯網服務。
  6. No refund. Please keep receipt as proof of payment. 不設退款,請保留支付記錄,發票事宜另行聯絡。
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Supporting Organization:

SAE Hong Kong
APAS Centre, 汽車科技研發中心
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Association

It is estimated that there are only 28.5 million cars are Connected Vehicles out of the 1 billion vehicles in use worldwide.

Statista, October, 2020

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