Webinar: 15 Jan, 2021 pm

Speedup in planning & transport policies, infrastructure development & supportive measures are needed to allow next generation vehicles running on our street.

Today, a moderate private car has 20-40 sensors and micro-processors. Future cars are all Connected Vehicles worldwide and Autonomous Vehicles will greatly re-shape the future of mobility.

Petrol Filling Station cannot cater for the needs of hydrogen car nor electric car, traditional map or 3D model cannot cater for the eyes (Lidar) of autonomous car, traffic light cannot talk to car but driver only, there is no “Traffic ticket system” for flying car….

New policies in planning, transport, infrastructure provision is a must for mobility in future city.

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Webinar on Autonomous Driving & Connected Mobility


15 Jan, 2021, 1400-1730 (HK Time)

Presentation: English, Chinese (some English subtitle for Chinese presenter)

Topics (Provisional 暫訂主題):-

  • Trend of Autonomous Driving and Connected Transit Services in APAC
  • (亚太无人驾驶出行服务发展的机遇)
  • Autonomous Driving Business Trend in Shared Mobility Public Transit
  • (商用车领域的无人驾驶商业化)
  • Blockchain in urban mobility
  • (区块链改变城市出行)
  • Commercial Launch of Autonomous Taxi 
  • (无人驾驶出租汽车的商业化)
  • Low Speed Autonomous Driving Business Operation
  • (如何实现低速无人驾驶的运营)
  • The Urgency – Breaking Through in APAC Planning for Infrastructure and Supportive Policies
  • (在亞太地區的突破發展 急需在規劃基建及政策作出調整)
  • Panel Discuss, Q & A
  • (小組討論、展望及回應)

Conditions :

  1. The topics and speakers are provisional and subject to change.
  2. Detailed will be released end November.
  3. All tickets sold will be for the running costs of our Association.
  4. Event Sponsor, please contact us.

Supporting Organization:

SAE Hong Kong
APAS Centre, 汽車科技研發中心
Hong Kong Wireless Technology Association

It is estimated that there are only 28.5 million cars are Connected Vehicles out of the 1 billion vehicles in use worldwide.

Statista, October, 2020

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