The 1st Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Venture Capital Forum (2019)

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The 1st Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles  Venture Capital Forum (2019)

~ Match Funding with Technology 主题:为科技找资金、为投资找对象~

  Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Industry Association is a trade organization formed by connected vehicles professionals from Beijing, Hong Kong and major cities in Asia Pacific.  

      To promote venture capital investment in connected vehicles industry, we host the 1st Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Venture Capital Forum (2019) on 26 June, 2019 in Shanghai during #MWC19 in Shanghai. 

Host:  Asia Pacific Connected Vehicles Industry Association Ltd 亞太智能網聯汽車產業協會

Co Host: 中國汽車縱橫網, Global International Exhibition (GIE), Guangdong

Media Partners: 中国汽车报、汽车观察、中国汽车纵横网、车云、亿欧、盖世汽车、汽车E时代、汽车时代、汽车财经、每日经济

Date: 26th June, 2019, Shanghai

Keynote (Close door event)

  1. Trend of Connected Vehicles & Venture Capture Investment
  2. Talent Development & Opportunities in Connected Vehicles Industry

Premium Road Show (重点路演): (Close door event)

  1. Premium Road Show is for technology companies with firm market share in at least one country in Asia Pacific, or in Round A/ B stage.
  2. 20 minutes presentation, and table for full day venture matching.
  3. Free of charge. Max. 5 slots. 26 June, 2019. Please apply ASAP.
  4. Welcome join exhibition. Not mandatory and not affect the eligibility.

 Startup Road Show (初创路演): (Close door event)

  1. Startup Road Show is for startup technology companies looking for angel investor or Pre A round investment.
  2. 10 minutes presentation, and table for full day venture matching
  3. Free to apply. Total 15-20 slots. 26 June, 2019.

Venture Capital Matching (创投配对洽谈): (Close door event)

  1. Venture Capital Matching is free matching service bridging investors and technology firms, including startups and firms at different stages.
  2. Applicant to supply information of the project and the amount of investment looking for. Successful applicant will be provided seats in venue to meet with investors.
  3. Each meeting time slot is 20 minutes. Whole day event on 26 June, 2019.

Info & Form download:

Apply: email your proposal to

Important Dates:

Apply Round #1: now to 24 May, 2019

Round #2: until 12 June, 2019 (if vacancy available or drop out)

YOUR SHOW: 26 June, 2019,  #MWC19 Shanghai

Important Notice:

  1. Welcome international venture partner sponsor or join us.
  2. Event in Chinese with some English, English presentation is fine, audients are professionals.
  3. Book your hotel and air ticker earlier. Hotels during Shanghai car show are very full.
  4. The organizer will introduce projects of applicants to potential investors and make marketing promotion where appropriate at the discretion of the organizer. Applying for road show or business matching deems the applicant agree that the business information, logo, idea, materials, documentation and the like submitted would be provided to third party by the organizer or being used in promotion for 10 years. The applicant guarantees the originality and the supplied material are free from infringement of any IP rights and indemnify the organizer from any liability in using and handling the proposal, business secret, business idea, branding, material submitted and other value whatsoever it is.